The show arena celebrates the 20th edition of Abu Dhabi Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition 

– A unique selection of live events – 

Traditional equestrian shows from the UAE and the Sultanate of Oman, and Indian and African artistic groups 

The activities of the 20th edition of the International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (Abu Dhabi 2023), organized by the Emirates Falconers Club, will be held from 2nd to 8th September at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, under the slogan “Sustainability and Heritage in a renewed spirit.” 

The audience of the largest event of its kind in the Middle East and Africa will be able to enjoy a special selection of the most beautiful live shows in the show arena. Exceptional displays of birds, salukis, police dogs, horses, camels, and many animals can only be seen in the exhibition, during seven days of adventure, fun and rare shows. 

The activities of the show arena are at the forefront of the celebration of the 20th edition of Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition, in addition to the most beautiful and interesting traditional musical and sporting performances. The participants in the live show performance are Dhabyan Equestrian Club, Sports Academy, Abu Dhabi Police and K9, Bu Deeb Academy, Emirates Zoo and Resort, Caber Stables, and Mamlouk Shooting Company. 

Many interesting events will also be held in the show arena, most notably the Arabian Saluki Beauty Contest organized by the Emirates Falconers Club and the Arabian Saluki Centre, the Arabian Camel Auction in cooperation with the Advanced Scientific Group, and other interesting heritage shows organized by the Emirates Arabian Horse Association. There will also be a joint presentation by the International Kennel Federation on different breeds, and to explain their types, performance and fitness. 

The art of fencing from horseback, shooting and pegs picking, traditional archery, and traditional archery on horseback, are also among the highlights in the show arena, in cooperation with Kaber Stables and the Mamlouk Shooting Company. 

Tshouleeb: the traditional Emirati horse performance with poetry tunes (Emirati heritage) 

An Arabic melody and an authentic Emirati art presented by the Emirates Arabian Horse Association. It is performed by the riders on the backs of their horses. The rider performs individually or within a group of riders with improvised verses and specific musical weights and melodies that blend with the movement of the horses’ trim to instil a spirit of enthusiasm among the riders in order to repel the enemy. 

Furthermore, the Emirates Arabian Horse Association presents traditional Emirati horse show competitions, within the framework of encouraging national cadres and involving them in Arabian horse beauty tournaments and shows locally and internationally. The Emirati Exhibitor Competition is considered the first competition of its kind among Emirati exhibitors, as each participant displays his horse inside the show arena wearing an Emirati outfit, and a specialized committee will evaluate his performance during the show and his skills in highlighting the aesthetics and movements of the horse, taking into account how well he is treated. 

Traditional Omani horse show 

The traditional Omani horse show is considered a distinctive folk art. It includes the entry of male and female knights on horseback and salutes, the Humble and Tahurib segments, the Hashma gallop and a horse show segment, with a wonderful and harmonious performance between the riders and horses. This show reflects the rich heritage of the Sultanate, and is considered one of the most amazing shows that can be seen at various exhibitions and events. 

Indian traditional dances 

It includes a variety of Indian traditional dances, such as Indian classical dance and Indian folk dance. The dancers will perform wonderful movements in their beautiful traditional Indian clothes. This segment is an important and unique opportunity to learn about Indian culture, its richness and diversity. 

Great show by African drummers 

A wonderful show by a group of talented drummers playing different types of African drums. The show is led by a professional leader who interacts with the band members in a fun and harmonious way, who beat drums in interesting rhythms and perform traditional dances, which encourages the audience to interact with them in an enthusiastic way. Attending the show is a unique experience for all family members, through which they can experience the atmosphere of African life, its music and the diversity of its culture. 

The pony is a family friend 

The Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition not only provides children with fun and practicing this authentic hobby, but also ensures that the pony riding event is an educational experience for all family members, who consider this beloved creature a constant friend. All this in a safe environment under the supervision of expert trainers in the live performance arena. 

Traditional archery from horseback 

Archery with a bow and arrow requires focus, strength, and determination. The UAE Bow and Arrow Federation offers this activity at the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition for professionals and amateurs alike. The art of traditional bow and arrow shooting requires the skill of harmony and coordination between the body and mind. It is not only a challenging sport, but it is also a type of art that helps one gain etiquette skills and maintain calm and focus. The art of archery is also a workout for the mind and body. 

For its part, Kaber and Mamlouk Shooting Stables will offer a unique model in the practice of equestrian and archery, which includes the use of the traditional bow and arrow on horseback. This is not only a type of sport, but rather a type of culture and heritage that has begun to fade away with time. 

The art of fencing on horseback 

Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) or Historical Islamic Martial Arts (HIMA) are martial arts that have been forgotten over time, and which can now be revived by historical manuscripts or other documentary sources. Most of these arts are fought with historical weapons such as sabers, swords and other replicas, which have been carefully recreated from special modern materials to ensure the safety of the players. This sport has many tournaments that are held all over the world on a large scale as a unique cultural development. 

Remarkable shows of the mounted police unit and K9  

Abu Dhabi Police assigns unusual security protection and prevention tasks to horses and police dogs by training highly experienced human cadres to supervise the cavalry and K9 units, which are pleased to provide the audience of Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition with unforgettable shows of the interventions of these units to enhance the maintenance of security by tapping into the capabilities of animals that may rival many products of the latest technologies. 

Meaningful activities for children of determination 

With the aim of achieving effective and purposeful community communication, the Gymkhana event will be organized for children of determination, in cooperation between the Dhabyan Equestrian Club, the Sports Academy, and the All of us with People of Determination Association (AWPOD). 

The Abu Dhabi Hunting Exhibition is always keen to stimulate community interaction for people of determination to ensure their integration into society and increase awareness of their rights. It is also keen to explore their creativity and encourage them to express their ideas and interests, raise their aspirations and achieve their dreams, as they are a pillar of development and progress everywhere. 

For this purpose, many distinctive events have been designed for them and their families, providing them with the opportunity to meet community support groups and consult with them about their valuable services through an appropriate platform, in addition to providing comprehensive and purposeful activities for children of determination with the aim of engaging and integrating them into society. 

Demonstrations will also be given by professionals about the benefits of equine-assisted therapy for people of determination, as they get qualified to adapt and participate in practical life. 

Emirates Zoo Resort and Park 

An exciting show that includes a variety of beautiful birds from different countries around the world. The show is presented by an experienced trainer who interacts with the birds in a fun and enjoyable way, as the birds fly in amazing formations and movements, perform exciting tricks, and interact with the audience. The show is a great edutainment experience for all age groups, and an ideal opportunity to learn more about different species of birds and their habits. 

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