The prestigious Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX) welcomes back the talented Emirati knife maker Abdullah Al Ahmed for the third consecutive year. Al Ahmed’s return to the UAE’s premier exhibition is marked by his exceptional craftsmanship and commitment to preserving the nation’s rich heritage. Al Ahmed’s handcrafted knives, proudly made in the UAE, stand as a testament to the country’s cultural legacy and stunning natural landscapes. The inspiration behind his distinctive logo, the Arabian Oryx, reflects a deep-rooted connection to the UAE’s environment and traditions.  Knives, having played an integral role in human history for various purposes, including everyday use, hunting, and outdoor adventures, hold a timeless significance. Al Ahmed’s creations seamlessly blend modern design with traditional craftsmanship, embodying the essence of Emirati heritage. Each knife meticulously crafted by Al Ahmed is a manifestation of his unwavering passion, requiring up to three weeks of dedicated craftsmanship. His unique logo pays homage to the revered Arabian Oryx, symbolizing the intricate tapestry of the UAE’s natural wonders and cultural legacy. Al Ahmed is enthusiastic about the upcoming ADIHEX, expecting a higher turnout compared to the previous year. “We are excited about the prospect of a larger audience,” Al Ahmed proudly exclaimed. “Every single piece is meticulously crafted with great care, drawing deep inspiration from our rich cultural heritage and longstanding traditions.” Introducing “Al Yazi” One of Al Ahmed’s latest innovations, the “Al Yazi” knife, which translates to “small ghazal,” makes its debut at ADIHEX. This unique piece showcases Al Ahmed’s unwavering dedication to innovation and craftsmanship. Al Ahmed’s consistent participation in ADIHEX for the third consecutive year underscores the invaluable business opportunities the exhibition provides. His presence continues to enhance the thriving craftsmanship and artistry scene in the UAE. Explore the exceptional craftsmanship of Oryx Custom Knives at ADIHEX 2023, located at Stand 7.A07. Immerse yourself in the fusion of tradition and modernity, with each meticulously crafted piece embodying the essence of Emirati heritage.  

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