In an extraordinary collaboration that transcends borders and climates, two talented Emirati photographers have embarked on a mission to document the beauty and fragility of two extreme environments: the scorching +50 Abu Dhabi and the freezing -50 Antarctica.  Their shared goal is to raise public awareness about the urgent need for wildlife conservation in these remarkable but vulnerable ecosystems. The result of their efforts was showcased at ADIHEX 2023, where they hope to inspire and educate audiences about the importance of preserving our planet’s biodiversity. Freezing Beauty of -50 Antarctica: Majed Saleh Al Katheeri, an intrepid adventurer and renowned wildlife photographer with a penchant for safaris, has turned his lens towards the icy wonderland of Antarctica. Despite sub-zero temperatures, Al Katheeri captures the mesmerizing beauty of this distant continent through his lens. His images, filled with breathtaking landscapes and resilient animals, offer viewers a glimpse into the frigid world of Antarctica.  His focus on the charismatic penguins and his journey alongside dedicated researchers showcase the tenacity of life in one of the world’s harshest environments. Al Katheeri’s work not only transports us from the desert heat of Abu Dhabi but also immerses us in the captivating and ethereal landscapes of the South Pole. Warmth of +50 Abu Dhabi: Musallem Amoud Al Darei, a passionate nature and star photographer who finds solace under the starlit skies of Abu Dhabi’s desert, has embarked on a different but equally remarkable journey. His lens now highlights the splendor of wildlife from the Arabian Oryx Sanctuary in Um Al Zamool. His images convey the infectious enthusiasm and excitement he experiences while observing the majestic Arabian Oryx and its playful young offspring freely roaming amidst the golden dunes. Each image paints a vivid portrait of nature’s endless beauty and artistry. Additionally, Al Dare takes us on an expedition to the Empty Quarter desert, the southernmost reaches of the UAE, where the stark and mesmerizing desert landscapes come to life under his expert gaze. In a heartfelt message, Musallem Amoud Al Darei emphasizes the importance of caring for and conserving nature, reminding us of our collective responsibility to safeguard these precious ecosystems. The remarkable collaboration between Majed Saleh Al Katheeri and Musallem Amoud Al Darei is a powerful reminder of the beauty and fragility of our natural world.  Through their lenses, they transport us to extremes, from the fiery deserts of Abu Dhabi to the icy expanses of Antarctica, all while shining a spotlight on the urgent need for conservation. Their work at Adihex 2023 is sure to inspire and educate, urging us all to take action to protect our planet’s rich biodiversity. 

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